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DVD Authoring

You’ve spent countless hours and hard-earned money creating your content. The next step— between your content and your audience—is critical and is not the place to skimp. Your project deserves professional Media Authoring services to ensure your end user has a seamless experience with your content.

Our Media Authoring experts have over 4 decades of combined experience working in many different formats. They’ve seen just about everything come across their desks over the years. Their experience and expertise mean they know how to avoid the pitfalls that soak up your production timelines and cause costly re-masters and re-orders.

We get it right so your vision gets delivered.

DCP Conversion

Are you a filmmaker? You need DCP!

Studio 120 offers the latest technology, experience, and creativity to bring your film to the big screen. Our digital cinema packages provide you with all the image, audio and data streams into one universal standard that allows your film to be played at any theater.

We work with all types of clients, from independent filmmakers to the largest film distributors in the world. No matter what size the project scope, we want your film to be seen!

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Content Creation

You don’t need us to tell you that video is growing exponentially. New avenues of delivery for messaging, information, and entertainment have brought video to the personal intimacy of the handheld device, laptop, or tablet, and to the mass-audience, shared-experience environments of broadcast and digital signage. With the multitude of options, how do you decide which is right for you, and when, and how? Click here to contact us for Video Production.

With all the attention video has gotten in recent years as video streaming technology has improved, it’s become fairly easy to overlook audio production.

At Studio 120, we don’t.

Audio is a very demanding medium to work in, requiring specialized acoustic spaces and high-quality equipment to ensure the best possible recording. We have those facilities and those tools, and we have a team who are well versed in audio engineering—meaning we get the absolute most out of our studio facility for your project.

Let Studio 120 be your trusted content creation partner.


Student Assessment 

When it comes to testing, accuracy and timely delivery is essential.  Studio 120 works with Assessment Solution companies to help them deliver the highest quality translations for students of all needs.

Sign Language Interpretation 

Studio 120 specializes in interpreting testing for deaf and hard of hearing students. We work solely with deaf interpreters. Their experience and specific skill sets ensure the most accurate and easily accessible tests for students in states across the entire country. Every student deserves an accurate, fair and engaging test interpretation. Studio 120 delivers.

Audio Testing

Studio 120’s audio department has built upon its decades long history of providing first class audio for corporate, educational and legal needs and brings it to the world of student testing.  The best project managers combined with the most talented engineers is our design for success. You will not find a higher standard for quality audio production.